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World Premier
April 14th, 2010
Spring ATHD Meeting
St. Pete Beach, Florida
Web-Based Software for Industrial Automation Distributors
A Revolution in Industrial Automation
What would happen if you could control your entire business from a single web-based interface?   What if this interface could simultaneously talk to your accounting system... your CRM system... your quoting system... and your vendor web portals?
On Wednesday, April 14th, the Spring AHTD Meeting will feature a world-premiere demonstration that's going to shock the industrial automation industry and forever change the way that distributors and manufacturers do business.
Perfect Distribution is a web-based software package which simultaneously connects to your customer database, order database, quotation database, and vendor web portals.   In doing so, it fully automates the repetitive tasks of industrial distribution (e.g. verifying prices and lead times) and dramatically improves your company's efficiency, transparency, and profitability.
Register for the World Premier - April 14th, 2010
Perfect Distribution is everything that you've been searching for:
It's a control panel for your business.   It's your new quoting program.   It's your new e-mail marketing tool.   It's your new lead generator.   It's your new website.   It's your new forecasting and reporting tool... and much, much more!
Perfect Distribution puts all of your customer data, quote data, and order data instantly at the finger-tips of your entire staff, and it does so in an irresistibly elegant fashion to ensure that all of your daily business activities are promptly reviewed for new business opportunities.
The software is currently being used by many AHTD members and has been universally adopted by every single company that has ever seen a demonstration.   Yes - 100% of the distributors and manufacturers that have seen a demonstration are currently using Perfect Distribution.
There is simply no better way to run your business!
Imagine the Possibilities
How much more efficient would your company be if your entire staff could issue quotes online and have the quoting program instantly extract real-time prices and lead times from your vendors' web portals?   Click here to find out.
What would happen if you could monitor the daily activity of your entire business (i.e. new orders, new quotes, new customers, new e-mails, etc.) from a single website?   Click here to find out.
Who is following up on your new orders that come in each day... or the new customers that get added to your contact list... or the new quotes that go out each day?   What if you could automatically deliver daily updates to your sales staff with relevant information tailored specifically to their individual territories... and then guarantee that they follow up on it?   Click here to find out.
What if you could create beautiful e-mail campaigns in seconds... automatically send them out to your entire customer base... and then track to see who opens them?   Click here to find out.
What if your website could attract thousands of new visitors each month and help you generate your own sales leads?   Click here to find out.
This list goes on and on...
Where did this come from?
My name is Sean Broihier.   I am the owner and developer of Perfect Distribution.
I spent 10 years working as an automation sales and application engineer, and in late 2008, I set out to build a web-based software package that addressed all of the inefficiencies that existed in the automation industry.
I found it very ironic that the day-to-day business of the "automation industry" was very non-automated... so I decided to fix it.
Perfect Distribution is the fix.   The software instantly transforms the efficiency, transparency, and profitability of your business by automating your repetitive daily tasks (e.g. verifying prices and availabilities) and putting all of your customer data, quote data, and order data instantly at the finger-tips of your entire staff.
Perfect Distribution will help you generate thousands of dollars per month in increased profits and productivity.   The software is so powerful, it is currently being used by every single company that has ever seen a demonstration.
I will be demonstrating Perfect Distribution at the Spring AHTD Meeting on April 14th, 15th, and 16th in St. Pete Beach, Florida.   Please click below to register:
Register for the World Premier - April 14th, 2010
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to meeting you in St. Pete Peach.
Sean Broihier
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