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Checker Sensor - Cognex

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Cognex - Checker Sensor

Checker Sensor by Cognex

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New Checker® 232
The simple, powerful vision sensor from Cognex, ideal for inspecting small features over a wide area!

The Checker 200 series are simple to set up, small enough to fit almost anywhere, and offer IP67 protection. Cognex has added the Checker 232 model to its award-winning Checker vision sensor product line. Designed to inspect small features over a wide area, Checker 232 provides reliable inspection results on the fastest production lines, detecting and inspecting up to 1,500 parts per minute.

Checker 232 is ideal for applications where small features are being inspected on large parts, such as the inspection of clips and springs on large automotive assemblies. Checker 232 is also ideal when a much longer working distance is needed and the vision sensor must be mounted far from the area to be inspected.

Checker 200 Series
The simple, powerful vision sensors from Cognex

The Checker 200 is an all-in-one vision sensor with built-in lighting and a variable working distance, capable of inspecting over 6,000 parts per minute — all in a package small enough to fit into tight spaces. The Checker 200 Series vision sensors have once again redefined their class. They pack a host of new advantages into a small size.

* Inspects features that other sensors cannot. Checker actually understands what your part looks like.
* Inspects unlimited multiple part features simultaneously with a single Checker!
* Overcomes varying part positions. Parts on a line typically vary in position, and Checker tracks all of them without requiring precise part handling.
* Detects a part by finding an actual part feature. This provides extremely reliable part detection unattainable with photoelectric sensors.

Checker 200 Ideal for Part Detection, over 6000 parts per minute
Checker 201 All the features of Checker 200, plus Inspection
Checker 202 All the features of Checker 201, plus Ladder Logic for custom inspections
Checker 232 All the features of Checker 202, plus functions to inspect smaller feature and wider field of view. 1,500 parts per minute


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Axis is the authorized Cognex distributor for Northern New Jersey and New York. Cognex is the world's leading supplier of machine vision sensors, or computers that can "see". Our machine vision sensors gauge, guide, inspect, count, and identify products on the fastest production lines.

Our proven technology, application expertise, and worldwide support mean customers can rely on us to deliver machine vision solutions that work every time - even under the most difficult factory floor conditions. In the industrial machine vision market, Cognex has supplied more vision products ... over 275,000 ... than any other company.

Customers rely on Cognex as a long-term partner, working alongside them to continually find new ways to improve the quality, productivity, and profitability of their manufacturing operations. Cognex is the machine vision leader that industry relies on!