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April 16th, 2013

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AccuSentry Distributor - Web-Based Distribution Software


For more than 15 years, AccuSentry has been helping manufacturers to ensure top quality standards and accuracy in their products, minimize production down time, reduce production waste, and expedite production process by inspecting every product that moves down the production line at high speed.

AccuSentry provides instant production feedback that allows the production line to run at optimal setting. As a result, the manufacturers not only gain additional profits but also significantly improve product quality and production process.

The key to AccuSentry’s success is innovative technology, product versatility, and superb service.

What does 10% increase in production up time mean to you? How about 5% waste reduction? Could better quality allow you to expand your market presence?

Companies such as 3M, Tyco, Ciba Vision, Kimberly Clark, Panasonic, SCA, and General Electric have joined our growing customer list. AccuSentry is eager to partner with you to help improve your product quality and more importantly your bottom line. We are more than happy to work closely with you starting today.


To be the leader of actionable intelligence through automated 100% product inspection.


To help manufacturing enterprises improve product consistency, reduce product waste, and optimize production performance.

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