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Barksdale Control Products

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Throughout the world, Barksdale components can be found in steel mills, on machine tools, in auto plants, in power generation and distribution facilities, in chemical processing plants, in pulp and paper mills, textile mills, amusement parks, and food processing plants, on offshore drilling rigs, in oil and natural gas fields, rescue equipment, and on many forms of transportation equipment, both on- and off-road. Many industries use a variety of Barksdale's product lines. In agriculture, for example, you'll find Barksdale pressure switches monitoring "center pivot" irrigation systems, while Barksdale temperature switches help maintain optimum growing climates in greenhouses. Barksdale valves control the on-off operation of "drip" lines in orchards and vineyards and the water supply in cattle feedlots. In almost every industry, Barksdale products are at work, helping to build a better tomorrow.

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