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Perfect Distribution

Perfect Distribution is a web-based software program which is revolutionizing the industrial distribution industry.

By simultaneously connecting to your customer database, order database, quotation database, and vendor web portals, Perfect Distribution fully automates the repetitive tasks of industrial distribution (e.g. verifying prices and lead times) and dramatically improves your company's efficiency, transparency, and profitability.

Perfect Distribution is absolutely everything you've been searching for!   It's your new website.   It's your new e-mail marketing tool.   It's your new lead generator.   It's your new quoting program.   It's your new forecasting and reporting tool... and much more!

Perfect Distribution puts all of your customer data, quote data, and order data instantly at the finger-tips of your entire staff, and it does so in an irresistably elegant fashion to ensure that all of your daily business activities are promptly reviewed for new business opportunities.

There is simply no better way to run a distribution business!

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Take a tour to find out how to instantly transform the profitability, efficiency, and transparency of your distribution business with our revolutionary web-based software!

System Architecture - How it Works


Laptop or Desktop PC


Anywhere in the World

All you need to get started is an internet connection.   There is no software to install.   There is no hardware to buy.   Simply open your internet browser... navigate to your Perfect Distribution website (example: login using your secure username and password... and you're off!



Perfect Distribution Web Server


Austin, Texas

Your web browser connects you to the Perfect Distribution web server and your own, fully-customizable Perfect Distribution website.   Your website is powered by our proprietary software and allows you to:

Web Content and Customization

control the appearance of your website: add/edit/delete products, rename categories, and more!

create professional webpages with absolutely no programming experience

create HTML e-mail campaigns with advanced tracking features

advertise new products and upcoming events

create an interactive, online linecard

automatically create millions of webpages (one per part number) to increase your search engine visibility

automatically import your vendors' product announcements and press releases from and display them on your site


issue quotations using our revolutionary web-based quote generator

automatically synchronize prices and lead times for each line item with real-time data from your vendor web portals

monitor quotes in real-time as they are created

e-mail daily quote summaries to your sales staff to encourage immediate follow-up

automatically compare quoted prices against your customer's order history and quote history to ensure consistent, high-margin pricing

search for quotes by quote number, quote date, part number, part description, customer name, and more


monitor orders in real-time as they are entered into your accounting system

automatically e-mail order confirmations to your customers as orders are received

automatically generate point of sale reports for your vendors

generate sales graphs based on territories, salesperson, order dates, manufacturers, part number, and more

identify trends between your quoting activity and sales activity in order to help predict future sales performance

search for orders by order number, order date, part number, part description, customer name, and more


monitor new customers in real-time as they are entered into your CRM system

automatically send "welcome e-mails" to each new customer with a linecard attached

e-mail "new customer" summaries to your management team and sales staff to encourage immediate follow-up



Your CRM and Accounting Server(s)


Your Office

Perfect Distribution connects to your office server(s) via a secure, read-only connection in your firewall.   You continue to use your existing CRM and accounting packages (e.g. ACT, Outlook, Goldmine, Quickbooks, Solomon, etc.) - absolutely nothing changes on your end.   Our software takes all of your important business data and presents it to your staff in concise, beautifully designed webpages.   You can view your orders, quotes, e-mails, and more - right from your web browser!



Manufacturer Web Portals and


Anywhere in the World

Perfect Distribution connects to your manufacturers' web portals and in order to extract real-time prices, lead times, and new product announcements.   The power of this feature can not be emphasized enough - when you issue a quote, our quoting program will instantly retrieve the real-time price and availability of each part number in the quote from the manufacturer's web portal.   You will never need to pick up the phone to inquire about price and availability - ever again!

Software Features

Full Customization

With absolutely no programming experience required, anyone on your staff can edit your Perfect Distribution website by uploading products, posting events, editing your linecard, posting job openings, and more. Each time someone submits new content, Perfect Distribution creates a new, professionally designed webpage which is meticulously optimized for high search-engine rankings.

Product Promotion

Each time one of your vendors releases a new product, you can have it uploaded and prominently displayed on your PD website in a matter of seconds.   Simply upload a digital image and brief description of the product, and you've instantly created a beautiful webpage which is meticulously designed to encourage sales and attract high search engine rankings.

Event Promotion

Advertise your upcoming events and create event registration pages with a few simple clicks.   You can specify a registration fee and maximum headcount for each event.   As soon as the maximum headcount is reach, the registration page automatically shuts down.

HTML E-Mail Marketing and Tracking

When you add a new product, press release, or event to your PD website, not only does it create a new webpage for you, it also creates a professional HTML e-mail which is ready to send to your customers. You can e-mail your customers right from your site and then track to see who opens the e-mails!

Online Press Releases

Have you been in the news recently?   Post your press releases with a few simple clicks and have them appear simultaneously on your website and!

Quote Generator with Online Data Synchronization

The Perfect Distribution Quote Generator simultaneously connects to your accounting database, customer database, and vendor web portals in order to help you generate accurate quotes (with lead times!) in a matter of seconds.   As each new line item gets entered into your quote, the Quote Generator instantly synchronizes prices and lead times with online data provided by your vendors!   It also scans through your customer's order history to check for previous prices, thereby ensuring that you use consistent, high-margin pricing.

Real-Time Monitoring of Quotes, Orders, and Customers

With access to all of your business databases, Perfect Distribution allows you to monitor all of your daily activities in real-time from our web-based interface.   Use our Quote Monitor to view your new quotes.   Use the Order Monitor to view new orders.   Use the Customer Monitor to view new customers.   Quotes, orders, and customers may be sorted by date, sales person, sales territory, manufacturer, part number, part description, and more.

Daily Activity Summaries

At the end of each day, Perfect Distribution sends an e-mail to each member of your sales staff and management team.   The e-mail provides an overview of all orders, quotations, and new customers that were entered into your database on that day.   These e-mails are designed to keep your staff informed of important daily activities and to ensure prompt follow-up on new business opportunities.

Automatic Welcome E-Mails

Whenever a new customer gets added to your CRM database, Perfect Distribution automatically sends the customer a welcome e-mail with your linecard attached.   The e-mail is personalized with the customer's name and contact information in order to encourage a reply back to one of your staff members.

Comprehensive Graphing

Perfect Distribution allows you to plot graphs of your sales and quoting activity over any specified period using a variety of filtering criteria.   For instance, you can plot sales by month for the entire company... sales by month for a particular salesperson... sales by week for a particular product line... etc.

Hundres of Thousands of Webpages

Using data from your products pricelists, Perfect Distribution automatically creates a unique webpage for each part number that your sell.   For most distributors, this adds up to hundreds of thousands of new webpages.   As you increase the number of webpages on your site, you increase the likelihood that someone will find your site via a Google search.

Automatic Location Detection

When a visitor arrives at your website, our software automatically detects the visitor's geographic location and then instantly tailors each webpage to that location.   If the visitor views a page on servo motors, for instance, the page will also display the headshot and contact information for your nearest sales enginer.   Similarly, upcoming local events will be prominently displayed throughout the site.

Comprehensive Search

Using our web-based interface, your staff can quickly search for quotes and orders based on: quote number, order number, customer name, customer location, part number, part description, and more.   All quotes and orders may be viewed on the web without ever opening your accounting program.

Vendor Content Synchronization

Thanks to a partnership with, your vendors can post their press releases and new product announcements on and have the web content instantly copied to your website.   Your site stays perfectly up-to-date with fresh products and and news.

Track Your Performance

Plot graphs of your sales and quoting activity over any specified period using a variety of filtering criteria.   For instance, you can plot sales by month for the entire company... sales by month for a particular salesperson... sales by week for a particular product line... etc.

Case Study: Issuing Quotations

Perfect Distribution connects to all of your business databases and your vendors' databases... simultaneously.   This unleashes the true power of our software and instantly transforms your business.

To fully appreciate the power of interconnectivity, let's take a look at how you currently issue quotations... and then compare that to how you would issue quotations with Perfect Distribution.

Issuing Quotations - The Inefficient Way

Let's assume that one of your inside staffers receives a quote request for 50 line items (e.g. a vision system, a 24 VDC power supply, an enclosure, etc.) from 10 different manufacturers (e.g. Cognex, Phoenix Contact, Rittal, etc.)

In order to issue this quote, your salesperson needs to look up the current prices and lead times for all 50 parts. In order to look up the prices, the salesperson has a few options.


In an ideal situation, a staff member at your company is maintaining an up-to-date database of parts and prices with the latest information from each manufacturer. If that's the case, then the salesperson can simply type a part number into your current quoting program, and the database sends back the up-to-date price.

This rarely happens - as we all know. A typical distributor represents 30+ manufacturers, and most of the manufactures send out bi-annual (or sometimes even monthly) pricelists in Excel or PDF format. It is very time-consuming for distributors to convert the data from these documents into a useable format and upload it into their database, and most of them simply don't do it.


If there isn't an up-to-date database, then the salesperson hopefully has a copy of the most recent pricelist (Excel / PDF) from each manufacturer. The salesperson can then open each document individually and look up the prices for each of the 50 parts.


If the salesperson doesn't have a pricelist for a particular manufacturer, then he has to call the manufacturer, get a hold of a customer service representative, and ask for up-to-date price information for each part from that manufacturer.


In many cases, your manufacturers will publish prices and lead times on a secure page of their website which you can access with a username and password. If this option is available, the salesperson could visit each of the manufacturer's websites (where available), login to the site, and then look up the prices and lead times.

In the best case scenario, above, the salesperson could get up-to-date prices on all 50 parts by simply typing them into his quoting program (option #1). In the worst case, he has to sift through 10 individual pricelists... or visit 10 manufacturer websites... or call 10 different customer sales representatives (options #2 - #4).

Once he has all of the prices, he needs to get accurate lead times. In this industrial distribution industry, lead times can vary from "one day" to "8 weeks" for certain products. Customers always want to know when parts can be delivered because a single late part can hold up a multi-million dollar project.

Regardless of how efficiently the salesperson obtained the prices, above, the process of obtaining accurate lead-times is much less efficient. You can't get up-to-date lead times from an Excel document or PDF. You have to either call the manufacturers or login to their websites to get that information.

So, in order to get lead times in this scenario, the salesperson has to either login to 10 different websites or call 10 different manufacturers.

After all of this work, the salesperson finally has up-to-date prices and up-to-date lead times. Before he can issue the quote, however, the salesperson needs to check whether or not the customer has bought any of the 50 parts before and, if so, what the customer paid for those parts in the past. In order to do this, the salesperson needs to open up your accounting program and search through the customer's order history for each of the 50 parts.

Once he has verified that all of the quoted prices are consistent with previously-ordered prices, the salesperson can now save the quote... attach the quote to an e-mail... and send it to the custoemr.

As you can see, this entire process is extremely time consuming and inefficient... but hundreds of distributors and thousands of salespeople do it everyday. It consumes their time and it consumes the time of the manufacturer's customer service staff who have to field questions about price and lead times all day long.

The worst part is... after all of that work, the outside sales staff and management team are often clueless that a quote has even been issued!   Unless the inside staff member decides to e-mail the quote to the outside sales engineers and management team, no one will know to follow up with the customer... attempt to expand the sale... and/or book the order!

Issuing Quotations - The Perfect Distribution Way

When you issue a quote using our revolutionary web-based Quote Generator, you start by typing in the name of the customer who requested the quote.   As you're typing, our quoting program instantly connects to your CRM database and imports the appropriate contact information for the selected customer.

As you begin entering part numbers, our quoting program instantly connects to your vendor web portals... logs in to your account... and then extracts the real-time price and availability data for each part number.   We also connect to your accounting database and check to see if this customer has ordered any of the parts in the past. If so, our quoting program instantly displays the recently ordered prices to the salesperson. This ensures that the salesperson uses consistent, high-margin pricing.

What does all this mean?   Your staff can now issue accurate quotes (with lead times!) in a matter of seconds.   They no longer have to call each vendor individually... or keep track of Excel / PDF files... or store 30+ login names and passwords... or manually sift through your accounting database to compare quoted prices against previously ordered prices.   Quotes can be created in seconds, and it is virtually impossible to quote inaccurate or out-dated prices!

A salesperson using the Perfect Distribution Quote Generator could issue an accurate quote for 50 parts, as described above, in about five minutes or less. Without the Quote Generator, it would take several hours to complete.

As soon as the quote finished, it's instantly visible to your entire company on your PD website.   Management can now monitor the quoting activity of the entire company!   Sales engineers can instantly see which customers are being quoted by the inside staffers!   The possibilities are endless... and the increased efficiency is priceless!

Finally, at the end of each day, Perfect Distribution will automatically e-mail a quote summary to each of your staff members... smacking them across the face and saying, "Hey, follow up on this!"


The power of Perfect Distribution lies in the fact that:

1. It is web based.

2. It can simultaneously connect to all of your business databases and the databases of your business partners.

The quoting scenario, above, is just one example of how our software can dramatically (and instantly) transform the transparency, efficiency, and profitability of your distribution business.

There are hundreds of other examples... just take to tour to learn more...

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