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Millions of Webpages


Most distributor websites are virtually useless as sales tools. That may sound harsh - but it's true.

Consider this scenario:

The plant manager at a manufacturing facility in your territory has a servo motor that just went bad.   He needs a replacement, ASAP.

He asks one his technicians to get a replacement. The technician reads the label on the servo motor. It says "Kollmorgen AKM43E-V5C2C-00"

What does the technician do? Does he go the Kollmorgen website... find the page that lists the Kollmorgen distributors... enter his zipcode... and eventually end up at your website?

No.   He goes right to Google and types in: Kollmorgen AKM43E-V5C2C-00

Guess who gets that sale and pockets $1,500 with little or no effort? Click here to find out.

Unless you have a webpage dedicated to the Kollmorgen AKM43E-V5C2C-00, Google will never send visitors to your site for that search term.

Perfect Distribution uses your pricelists to create hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of webpages for you - one for each part number that you sell!

Unfortunately, most distributors have out-dated websites with only 10 - 20 webpages. As a result, the average distributor receives very little traffic from Google searches.   The only people that are finding your website are people that are already familiar with your company and are searching for your company name.

You're missing out on the thousands of potential customers who don't know your name but could be using your products!

Millions of Webpages

Using data from your products pricelists, Perfect Distribution automatically creates a unique webpage for each part number that your sell. For most distributors, this adds up to hundreds of thousands of new webpages. As you increase the number of webpages on your site, you increase the likelihood that someone will find your site via a Google search.


increase search engine traffic with hundreds of thousands of product-specific webpages

automatically create new pages as you upload new pricelists