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April 16th, 2013

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Front End Features


When you sign up to use Perfect Distribution, the first step is to choose a unique URL which will serve as the new online face of your business (e.g. You can choose from any available URL on the internet. We take care of registering the URL for you and configuring your new site to work with our software.

Your website resides on our web server, and there is nothing that you need to setup on your end. Once we have your website up and running, you can customize its look and feel using our online web tools. There is no programming experience required. Simply login to the secure area of your site, and you can start posting new products, upcoming events, press releases, and more!

The front-end features, shown below, are features that are publicly visible on your PD website and are designed to help you attract new customers, retain existing customers, improve your marketing capabilities, and keep your business in-sync with your vendors.

Front-End: Screenshot of a Customizable Perfect Distribution Website

We recommend that you continue to run you current website in tandem with your new website... although, as you'll see, your PD website may quickly render your current site obsolete!

Full Customization

With absolutely no programming experience required, anyone on your staff can edit your PD website by uploading products, posting events, editing your linecard, posting job openings, and more. Each time someone submits new content, Perfect Distribution creates a new, professionally designed webpage which is meticulously optimized for high search-engine rankings.

Hundreds of Thousands of Webpages

Using data from your products pricelists, Perfect Distribution automatically creates a unique webpage for each part number that your sell. For most distributors, this adds up to hundreds of thousands of new webpages. As you increase the number of webpages on your site, you increase the likelihood that someone will find your site via a Google search.

HTML E-Mail Marketing & Tracking

When you add a new product, press release, or event to your PD website, not only does it create a new webpage for you, it also creates a professional HTML e-mail which is ready to send to your customers. You can e-mail your customers right from your site and then track to see who opens the e-mails!

Automatic Location Detection

When a visitor arrives at your website, our software automatically detects the visitor's geographic location and then instantly tailors each webpage to that location. If the visitor views a page on servo motors, for instance, the page will also display the headshot and contact information for your nearest sales enginer. Similarly, upcoming local events will be prominently displayed throughout the site.

Vendor Content Synchronization

Thanks to a partnership with, your vendors can post their press releases and new product announcements on and have the web content instantly copied to your website. Your site stays perfectly up-to-date with fresh products and and news... with absolutely no effort on your part!