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April 16th, 2013

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Laptop or Desktop PC


Anywhere in the World

All you need to get started is an internet connection.   There is no software to install.   There is no hardware to buy.   Simply open your internet browser... navigate to your Perfect Distribution website (example: login using your secure username and password... and you're off!



Perfect Distribution Web Server


Austin, Texas

Your web browser connects you to the Perfect Distribution web server and your own, fully-customizable Perfect Distribution website.   Your website is powered by our proprietary software and allows you to:

Web Content and Customization

control the appearance of your website: add/edit/delete products, rename categories, and more!

create professional webpages with absolutely no programming experience

create HTML e-mail campaigns with advanced tracking features

advertise new products and upcoming events

create an interactive, online linecard

automatically create millions of webpages (one per part number) to increase your search engine visibility

automatically import your vendors' product announcements and press releases from and display them on your site


issue quotations using our revolutionary web-based quote generator

automatically synchronize prices and lead times for each line item with real-time data from your vendor web portals

monitor quotes in real-time as they are created

e-mail daily quote summaries to your sales staff to encourage immediate follow-up

automatically compare quoted prices against your customer's order history and quote history to ensure consistent, high-margin pricing

search for quotes by quote number, quote date, part number, part description, customer name, and more


monitor orders in real-time as they are entered into your accounting system

automatically e-mail order confirmations to your customers as orders are received

automatically generate point of sale reports for your vendors

generate sales graphs based on territories, salesperson, order dates, manufacturers, part number, and more

identify trends between your quoting activity and sales activity in order to help predict future sales performance

search for orders by order number, order date, part number, part description, customer name, and more


monitor new customers in real-time as they are entered into your CRM system

automatically send "welcome e-mails" to each new customer with a linecard attached

e-mail "new customer" summaries to your management team and sales staff to encourage immediate follow-up



Your CRM and Accounting Server(s)


Your Office

Perfect Distribution connects to your office server(s) via a secure, read-only connection in your firewall.   You continue to use your existing CRM and accounting packages (e.g. ACT, Outlook, Goldmine, Solomon) - absolutely nothing changes on your end.   Our software takes all of your important business data and presents it to your staff in concise, beautifully designed webpages.   You can view your orders, quotes, e-mails, and more - right from your web browser!



Manufacturer Web Portals and


Anywhere in the World

Perfect Distribution connects to your manufacturers' web portals and in order to extract real-time prices, lead times, and new product announcements.   The power of this feature can not be emphasized enough - when you issue a quote, our quoting program will instantly retrieve the real-time price and availability of each part number in the quote from the manufacturer's web portal.   You will never need to pick up the phone to inquire about price and availability - ever again!